Battens - quality EBW, IMBALLO I and IMBALLO II, produced in lengths 2 - 6 m. The battens have the following cross-section dimensions: 24 x 50 mm, 30 x 50 mm, 35 x 50 mm, 40 x 50 mm, 40 x 60 mm, 50 x 50 mm.

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Quality parameter of the building timber





wane Sharp edged timber with allowed minimum wane Wane up to 1/5 of cross-section side is allowed, not sharp all other timber without soft rot
blueness minimum allowed
browness not allowed allowed
rind gall not allowed as knot
insect attacked not allowed not allowed
surface all surfaces treated by the sawing instrument all surfaces treated by the sawing instrument
rectangularly trimmed + 1 cm rectangularly trimmed + 1 cm
red rot allowed up to 10% allowed
knots knots quantity unlimited as far as they do not harm the strength, loose knots up to 2 cm life knots ale tolerated without limits and loose knots up to 6 cm, as far as the strength is not harmed