The Sawmill SPEKTRUM Ltd. is situated at the municipality of Hliník nad Hronom, on the left Hron riverside, in the middle between Žarnovica and Žiar nad Hronom, in the close proximity of the railway Zvolen - Nové Zámky, which is significantly supporting the transportation of raw material and the production as well.

The company history reaches the year 1930 when the plant was originally founded as the steam sawmill. The first building owner was the company IMPEX Žilina. The owners changed several times the next years.

After 1937 when the IMPEX company was dissolved, the new owner became the company LICHTENSTEIN A WILLCSEK till 1955 when it has been taken over by PREGLEJKA j.-s. Co. Žarnovica.

The sawmill had app. 20 workers at that time and treated the coniferous wood for the production of semi-finished products for wood structures that, in its turn, was the basic raw material of the plant PREGLEJKA j.-s. Co at Žarnovica. The yearly volume of treated round wood reached between 11 000 and 12 000 m3 at the period. PREGLEJKA Žarnovica kept its owner rights till 1992.